“I Miss Them”

"I Miss Them"

“I Miss Them”

I miss them. Where have they gone to? Will they ever return? Their presence filled my aging body with purpose. To them, even in my old age, I was never worthless.

As I put putted along the dirt roads, I took them to many fun places. I listened to thousands of their stories, while my failing muffler, put smiles on their faces. They are no longer children, and all but Charlie, have moved to faraway places.

Where have they gone to? Will they ever return? On rare occasions, Charlie drops by for a visit. He tells me his troubles, while he confesses that he often wishes he would have left this town with his then girlfriend, Bridgette.

I love when Charlie drops by. He sits on my hood, and I can sense his pain, and feel his tears when he cries. I remember Bridgette, who left me a beautiful memory during a Spring Break. She was the one that broke my right eye. In fun, it was the last thing to break.

I can’t remember the year, when Charlie was last here. Now, my old and rusty body is riddled with bullet holes, thanks to angry men, who stop by from time to time. If I could, I would take a million bullets, in exchange for seeing the children and listening to their stories one more time.

I miss them. Where have they gone to? Has Charlie finally left this place? If so, he didn’t say goodbye. That’s ok. I never did like to see him cry. I hope he is safe and that he one day finds his faraway place. Today’s visitors are no fun. The last one, left three bullet holes on my face.