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“Walk outside and enjoy some fresh air.”  “Go feel the sun on your skin.”  “Go to the beach and feel the waves at your feet. Feel the wet sand.”

A few years ago, I received a phone call from someone dear and close to me. This call was different than most. It was short, simple and thought provoking. I listened attentively as I heard the above phrases. When a response was required, all I could say was “I will.” As I hung up the phone, I walked outside, took a deep breath and felt the warm sun on my skin. A few days later, I drove to the beach, felt the waves at my feet and kicked the wet sand around all while thinking of this phone call. You see, these phrases were said by someone who is unable enjoy these seemingly simple things in life. This person is a quadriplegic.

I’m humbled and blessed, not only to have the opportunity to share my work with the world, but also to have the health and ability to keep creating, sharing and yes, to have the freedom and ability to go to the beach and feel the wet sand at my feet.