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I write about life. The way others live it. The way I see it. The way I feel it. Many of these titles started off as silly self-talk. Some were born from personal experiences. Others were born from an unexplainable and powerful energy felt by my being just before their inception. In a way, those are some of my favorites because their maturity came early. In some cases, a few reached full bloom only minutes after their inception while others reached it a few hours after. To fully convey the feeling behind my words, I decided to personally recite my poems.


Photos do speak. Some shout. Others whisper. Wherever and whenever possible, I try to incorporate my passion for photography with my written work. Whether its photography, music or illustrations, as an artist, I’m always looking for original pieces for my written work. If you are a creator of any of these art forms and would like to showcase your work while incorporating it with mine, please contact me. Enjoy your visit!