“Caricias Del Sol”

I shot these short clips in August, 2014 while flying back from visiting Papa Nino, my 94 year young grandfather in Washington state. I could not help but think of the California drought. Like a mother caressing and comforting her child, the sun gently caresses its waters. I will enjoy reading your thoughts and comments on “Caricias Del Sol”.

Looking back at this video, a couple years later, I once again thought of Papa Nino’s words about his ‘live’ crops. “Listen. They are alive. ‘You lazy old man.’ Get up and clean out our weeds.”, he said. I’m certain that he would fallen deep in thought had he been the one traveling on that plane and seeing the views I was blessed to enjoy. Papa Nino loves the land for he knows that we all feed from it but not all of us care for it.